Wednesday, April 29, 2009

If you're mad at something, make it cute and furry

Okay, so I'm just looking for new material for my next "momedy" show. I was hoping to compare being a human parent vs. being an animal parent. Who has it worse, really? I mean, no way is there a divorce rate for spiders right? They devour their husbands. Then, I stumbled on this blog: First of all, who gets pissed at a penguin? Today, the blogger is taking aim at a baby panda. Hope this dude doesn't work at a zoo.


Karyn Servin said...

If nothing else I like the name of the blog!

Heather said...

Does that make you a momedian?

Kepler's said...

dude your funny! Will you ever do a gig in Cali, SF bay area?