Thursday, February 26, 2009

Keep your moon in the right house before it offends someone

Suddenly, my four-year-old is mooning everybody. "Look at my butt!" she squeals while exposing her little bottom to nearly anyone. "That is your private area," we tell her. "You can do that at home, not in public." Well, we shouldn't have said that. Many moons later, we're all pretty tired of seeing her little buns. "Can I show you my underwear then?" Great. Now the moon is peeking at us behind Curious George and Tinkerbell. I should be happy she wears underwear at all. When she was potty training, she refused. One day, my printer jammed. When I opened it, I discovered six pairs of Dora the Explorer underpanties stuffed into the paper tray. She showed me, alright. With her newfound exhibitionist tendencies, she's really showing me. Of course, just when I need it most, the real moon is covered up by clouds.


Cathy said...

You too? Nearly 4 Davey will walk around like a teenager with jeans hanging down, except they're completely down. Underwear and all. That's the next gangsta trend, if this preschooler has any say.

Sass Mouth said...

Whatever happened to Underoos? Remember them? Possibly made by the manufacturers of Garanimals?